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Mosquitos out for blood

The consistent trend of hot days and stormy, humid nights makes ideal breeding conditions for mosquitoes to multiply and bug those who just want to enjoy the outdoors.

Many people, like Suzanne Bowling, have noticed more of the little pests during the daytime this summer compared to previous years.

“We were doing a boot camp in the field last week and we had to finish early, because while we were running we were eating the mosquitoes,” said Bowling. “I’ve done boot camps for the last three summers and it’s never been this bad.”

Officials from City Pest Management said that the aggressive day-feeding mosquitoes are seen more this time of year rather than during the springtime because of the wet weather.

To help prevent the increase of more larvae hatchings, crews have been targeting standing waters and spraying them. They’ve also used carbon dioxide traps to capture daytime mosquitoes, as it’s harder to trap those species using the evening light traps.

In addition to DEET repellents, some locals have been using other methods to deter the mosquitoes such as geraniol-scented wristbands and DEET-free insect patches.

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