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Movie Review: The Devil’s Double

The Devil’s Double

Genre: Drama

Director: Lee Tamahori

Stars: Dominic Cooper, Ludivine Sagnier

Rating: ****

The Devil’s Double, a new film about the unbelievable story of a young Iraqi army lieutenant named Latif Yahia who is forced to become Uday Hussein’s body double, has a lot to work with: The talent of Dominic Cooper (who does double duty as both the honourable Latif and the crazed, unstable Uday), the fact this insane story is actually true, the cheesy opulence of late ’80s Baghdad, and the slick direction of Lee Tamoahori (XXX: State of the Union). Luckily, The Devil’s Double doesn’t waste these gifts. The film is able to mix style with horror and even humour while using conscience to showcase the brutality of war without preaching.

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