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Murder, mayhem, Madison: Check out the first ‘Veronica Mars’ trailer

Kristen Bell will star in the new Kristen Bell will star in the new “Veronica Mars” movie.
Credit: Reuters

OK, fine.Fine. I’m excited.

I don’t really hold with this celebrity Kickstarter nonsense, and since the “Veronica Mars” movie was the first big project where rich people shook down their fans, I kind of resisted getting stoked for the film. See, I was a huge “Veronica Mars” fan, but I felt I had to teach them a lesson.

But I can’t help it. This trailer looks kind of great. VM fans, it looks like your money may have bought an awesome movie. All our favorite characters are back: computer geek Mac (Tina Majorino), who, judging by her haircut, is Miley Cyrus now; Max Greenfield returns to the very un-Schmidt-like role of Deputy Leo; Madison Sinclair gets punched in the face; and, of course, Logan Echolls (Jason Dohring), Veronica’s pouty, brooding ex, is back to ruin her life again.

Logan, it seems, is accused of murder, and needs Veronica to dust off her teen detective skills and save him, even though she’s a big New York lawyer now. It’s clear from this trailer that the movie is returning to the show’s detective noir roots, and Logan is Veronica’s femme fatale.

Check out the trailer below. Does it look like Kickstarter donors got their money’s worth?

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