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Musicians make the most of a broken record

All they started with were a few “corny rhymes” about characters from the hit TV show Friends.

Eight hours later, Calgary musician Dan Bennett and friend Dave Wallace of Victoria had created a song called Lights, Camera, Action, which they would willingly put up against any track on the top-40 charts.

Bennett, also known as hip-hop artist Transit, said it can be frustrating to see musicians creating “easy” pop music succeed over those trying to be innovative.

“We wanted to see how easy it is to push a mainstream, top-40 song like that out,” he said.

Within an hour of starting the project in a Victoria basement, the duo had developed the song’s up-tempo beat on a computer and worked through most of the lyrics.

Bennett said the project was so simplistic he and Wallace were even able to duck out for two hours to a local burger joint.

Wallace said the song is meant to challenge people to question what they’re listening to.

“It can be this easy to create, so be really conscious about (what you’re putting) into your ears and what you think about it,” he said.

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