Nail salon owners face stricter laws to protect employees - Metro US

Nail salon owners face stricter laws to protect employees

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Nail salon owners in New York City will be required by law to obtain a wage bond for their employees within the next 60 days or have their business shut down.

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the initiative as part of a package in industry reform for nail salon workers, which also includes registration for free-of-charge nail specialty trainee program.

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“We will not stand for the exploitation of workers in the state of New York, plain and simple,” said Cuomo. “This administration will not tolerate abuse in any industry — it’s simply not who New York is — and today we are taking another step forward to protect the dignity and rights of nail salon employees across the state.”

Owners who fail to comply with the wage bond requirements will face fines and penalties that will start being enforced on Oct. 6, 2015.

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The amount of the bond will depend on the hours of nail services provided by the salon’s employees, anywhere from $25,000 — up to $125,000 for those employing more than 26 nail salon workers.

Other reforms under the package include protective equipment and ventilation requirements, such as personal masks and gloves. Ventilation standards must be posted for the public to see.

The regualations also include a health review of chemical agents and a bill of rights for workers and the public.

Additionally, the new nail specialty trainee program is open to all regardless of citizenship or residency, who will be working, or are currently employed, under the supervision of a licensed nail specialist.

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