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Nandos chicken dishes have less fat, more flavour

1461 Merivale Rd.
(613) 749-7445
12:10 p.m. to 1:05 p.m.

Low $: Chicken Breast Sandwich ($8.49)
High $: The Peri Plate ($14.49)

Everyone likes chicken. Now throw in a marinade to add flavour and heat from peri peri, flame it over a grill and you have Nandos’ chicken. Peri Peri is an African bird’s-eye chili that means chilly chilly in Swahili. Nandos will tweak the heat from mild to hot. I braved the heat and found it didn’t cause me any sweat, but others around me perspired a touch.

The Peri Plate ($14.49) gave me a sampling of chicken, kebab and wings. The best part was the ¼ chicken, which was juicy and perfectly cooked. The kebab was good too, but a little drier than the breast. I wouldn’t order the wings again, not that they were bad, but that the other chicken options were better.

The sides were satisfying. The rice was a touch over-cooked, but had a nice taste from the spice. The fries were just plain old fries with a sprinkle of dried peri peri.

For a decent, healthy lunch Nandos is a good alternative.

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