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NASA InSight Mars Lander touchdown: Arrival time, watch live broadcast

UPDATE: The NASA InSight Lander has landed successfully on Mars. 

The NASA InSight Lander is expected to reach mars today after cruising in space for nearly seven months.

NASA’s Mars InSight Lander has traveled 301,223.981 miles at a top speed of 6,200 mph according to engineers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.  If everything goes as planned, the NASA Mars InSight Lander will touch down on Mars this afternoon.

NASA engineers are excited about the Mars Insight Lander’s return but are also concerned about its descent from space.

“I am completely excited and completely nervous, all at the same time,” InSight project manager Tom Hoffman said Sunday during a press conference at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).

“Everything we’ve done to date makes us feel comfortable and confident we’re going to land on Mars,” Hoffman, told Space.com. “But everything has to go perfectly, and Mars could always throw us a curveball,” he added.”

The NASA InSight landing his set to take place on November 26 and will be available to watch online.

Here’s what you need to know about the historic NASA InSight Lander mission that is expected to complete this afternoon.

What is the NASA InSight Lander?

The NASA InSight Mars Lander is the first spacecraft to study Mars’ “deep interior” according to NASA. InSight is short for Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport.  The 19-foot, 8-inch space craft equipped with solar panels, instruments and other tools to help scientists understand the terrain of the red planet.

The InSight Lander was launched on May 5 from Pasadena, California. 

A 3D visualization of the NASA InSight Lander is available on the NASA website. 

NASA InSight Lander 3D visualization

NASA InSight Lander arrival time, location

The NASA Insight Mission will take place on Monday, November 26. According to NASA, it is expected to touch down at 3 p.m. on Mars. The NASA Mars InSight Lander mission was launched on May 5 and has travelled more than 300 million miles. 

Watch NASA InSight Lander arrival online

If you want to watch the NASA InSight Lander event online, you have a few options.  The NASA TV official YouTube channel and Facebook page. 

If you’re in New York City, the historic NASA InSight Lander landing will be broadcast on the Nasdaq screen in Times Square. 

NASA InSight Lander touchdown first photo

NASA InSight Lander first image

Within minutes of landing, the NASA Mars InSight Lander transmitted it’s very first image. According to NASA, there is a lot of dust and debris on the camera lens, but the image confirms a successful touchdown on Mars.