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Natacha Darty shows us how to wear candy colors and look like an adult

You don’t have to look bleak in midwinter.

It was a particularly bleak morning when this shot of Natacha Darty winged its way from Paris into the ModMods inbox. We knew we needed to get this lady’s tips – women who can dress head-to-toe in candy colours don’t come along that often. Over to Natacha, who blogs over atNatacha Steven, for her 101 on how to break the January blues via your wardrobe.

Tell us about your outfit.

I have a pale complexion and I think pastel colours really flatter it, especially in winter when everyone else is dressed in black! Wearing white or light colors in winter is very edgy and original.

Which colour makes you feel the happiest and why?

Red because I think it makes women feel more desirable.

Give us three tips on how to wear bright colors.

When wearing bright colors I would recommend opting for small touches like on an accessory, or choosing a rich red lipstick or nail polish. If you do want to go with a colorful statement piece, like a dress or trousers, I’d recommend going for printed color rather than block colors. Personally, I’m not a fan of Mondrian-style dressing.

If you had to reassign colours that denote male and female (rather than blue and pink) what would they be?

I’d say black for men and white for women.

Is there any colour you would never wear?

Orange – I don’t like wearing it with my skin tone.

Let’s play the word association game. What comes to mind when you hear each colour?

White —Pure
Red —Passion
Yellow —Summer
Pink —Romance
Black —Elegance

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