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Natalie relies on Redken

Natalie McMaster

Natalie McMaster, instrumentalist and step dancer, begins a North American tour in September:

Q: What products make you look and feel good?

A: For my hair, I use products from the salon. I really like Redken shampoo. On the road I use MAC makeup. I use products from Clinique under my eyes and to cover blemishes. To moisturize I use Olay. I’ve been using it for years.

Q: Describe your style?

A: I’m a minimalist when it comes to being a mom with two young kids. On the road I like jewelry, belts, funky sunglasses, and different shades of lip gloss. I love all the girly things. I like Shoppers Drug Mart. They have a zillion different lip glosses.

Q: How do you stay fit?

A: Being a mom is anti-exercise. I’m always in the house. When I tour I’m always moving. Dancing on stage and going all the time, I find makes a difference. Also, I don’t eat sweets on the road.

Q: What are your healthy eating habits?

A: I have a blueberry smoothie for breakfast. I eat lots of fruits and vegetables and no fried foods. Chocolate is my weakness. I love dark chocolate!

Bryan Baeumier

Bryan Baeumier, host of Disaster DIY airing Thursday nights on HGTV:

Q: What products make you look and feel good?

A: Being a contractor isn’t exactly conducive to soft hands and smooth skin. A long hot shower, a good scrub with a face cloth full of Dove and the odd handful of Olay Daily Facials Clarity Daily Scrubs do the trick. Nothing smells better than clean skin and Speed Stick.

Q: How do you stay fit?

A: My wife’s a ballet teacher, so the odd pirouette keeps me limber. I also try to play squash, run and hit the gym a few times a week.

Q: What are your healthy eating habits?

A: Lots of fruits, vegetables and water, everything else in moderation. I avoid eating at places that ask “Do you want fries with that?” too often.


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