Solange Guberman


For those living in Canada, and many other places in the world, Solange Guberman is perhaps best known for her sterling and exceptional work as a Justice of the Peace and for pioneering several ambitious projects in her native Romania. As her new website aims to explain and portray, her foresight and drive has led to the creation and implementation of several important initiatives, not least of all the development and foundation of critical computer systems in Romania that has literally brought them into the 21st century.

Innovation isn’t the only facet to Solange Guberman, however, and to gain a clear understanding of what she stands for in today’s society, we must look back at her impressive career, and how she has approached her many roles with a consistent empathic, considerate, and thoughtful manner.

With a Ph.D. earned from Washington University in 1975, Solange was already looking forwards in her career and towards the future. Fluent in many languages including English, French, Romanian and Italian, she quickly gained a position as chief administrator at the CAMLI Corporation. A combination of strong skills and expertise in both language and technical fronts gave her a significant edge, allowing her to become a distinguished NATO Director.

Following on from this already impressive array of positions, Solange has become a respected member of the Canadian community working to help direct and coordinate efforts in the important field of climate change and the environment. She has also served with the Ontario Government as a Justice of the Peace.


Her most notable work, however, is her efforts to help the plight of refugees in Syria, Romania, and other Eastern European countries, and in particular to help reduce the horrific violence towards girls and young women Her work in this field has led to Solange becoming a consultant for the Campaign to End Violence against Women and Girls, and an interpreter for the University of Ottawa Syrian Refugee Sponsorship. Both of these key organizations are helping refugees and young females in Eastern Europe on a daily basis.

With more and more refugees fleeing Romania, Syria, and other Middle Eastern countries, it becomes imperative that the rest of the world is alerted to this problem. Not only have these refugees had to flee from their homes and families, but they have also become targets for those who would seek to take advantage of helpless young women, and those looking to make a profit in human trafficking. Many of these girls and young women have no help or aid at all and are literally destitute and abandoned. Solange seeks to aid and support refugees in whichever way possible to help bring an end to this needless suffering.

Known as an individual that is hard-working, caring, and passionate about her work and the causes she strives to benefit, Solange leads the way towards making the world a better place to live, not just for refugees, but for everyone. You can read more about Solange Guberman at her website, or view her personal bio page at

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