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Website reveals personal info Google may be hard pressed to find

Ever wonder about the registered sex offenders living in your neighborhood? Or found yourself curious about the background of someone you just met online?

When it comes to getting insider information, most of us turn to Google. Unfortunately, this often leads to inaccurate information, outdated social media profiles, or nothing at all.
A new website called Instant Checkmate is changing the paradigm by offering up precise and detailed information with ease. The service works by aggregating nationwide public records from various sources, then neatly compiling the data into a single, easy-to-interpret report.
Highly detailed and deeply thorough, Instant Checkmate snags exactly the sought-after personal information you’re pining for—but often struggle to find. This may include arrest records, phone numbers, addresses, criminal convictions and more.
In other words, Instant Checkmate provides the peace of mind you’re looking for.
If you’re curious about what information is lurking out there about yourself, run your own name through the system. With our detailed algorithm mining everything from traffic citations to court records to estimated sex offender lists, what you find may surprise you. This useful intel will also give you a leg up if you’re expecting to be on the receiving end of a background check.
Prior users have uncovered life-changing information. One woman discovered that her longtime boyfriend was actually a sex offender. Others simply don’t want to be burned by con artists who might find their way into their lives.
Those looking to give the service a try can get started here. After just a few clicks of a mouse and one or two minutes, you’ll have your detailed report completed and ready to go. This approach is monumentally easier than the time-intensive methods of years past.
Before the digital age, it wasn’t uncommon for background checks to require in-person trips to various government agencies. For example, gaining access to someone’s arrest records may have necessitated a formal request for information made with a visit to the local court office.
With Instant Checkmate, getting your hands on this kind of information has never been easier. And with so much at stake—both your safety and peace of mind—there’s no time like to today to get started.

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