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NBA Trade Rumors Anthony Davis Celtics Pelicans: Rumblings begin

NBA Trade Rumors Anthony Davis Celtics Pelicans

Now that Kawhi Leonard is off the table, it seems for sure that the Celtics will go into the 2018-19 NBA season with roughly the same roster as it had on Opening Night last fall. NBA Trade Rumors Anthony Davis Celtics Pelicans are coming in hot. Yes, the Kyrie Irving trade did not go down until August of last summer and there are often blockbuster trades made late in the offseason – but looking around at the NBA landscape right now it will likely be quiet from now right up until mid-October when the season begins. What this offseason has already shown, though, is that the league is absolutely turning into a field of haves and have-nots. Once a team like New Orleans gets hit with the reality that it is nowhere close to being in the same stratosphere as Golden State, Boston or Houston – it may start to get proactive on the trade front.

Anthony Davis remains the apple of Danny Ainge’s eye, and most everything that has gone down in the NBA this off-season has favored a scenario in which the Pelicans start to look to go into full rebuild mode sooner rather than later. DeMarcus Cousins took a significant pay-cut and bolted from New Orleans. Rajon Rondo, who became the Pelicans’ locker room leader last season, joined up with LeBron James in Los Angeles.

The Pelicans had to settle for Julius Randle in free agency, and even landing Randle was a bit of a chore as Davis had to call him multiple times himself to get Randle to commit.

With that, the rumblings of a potential Davis trade have already started six months ahead of the NBA trade deadline and three months before the start of the actual season.

“I’m worried about New Orleans,” The Ringer’s Bill Simmons said on his podcast with Kevin O’Connor. “The signs are there for the February Anthony Davis trade rumors. It’s kind of lurking now.”

Simmons often floats these things well ahead of when they come into the consciousness of the average NBA fan, as a year ago at this time he was already talking about LeBron heading to the Lakers.

NBA Trade Rumors Anthony Davis Celtics Pelicans rumblings


NBA Trade Rumors Anthony Davis Celtics Pelicans: Rumblings begin

The Celtics continue to make the most sense when it comes to a trade partner with the Pelicans as they have the most assets (first round Kings pick, first round Grizzlies pick, first round Clippers pick) to dish off. Of course Boston would need to ship all of that draft capital, as well as Jaylen Brown and Marcus Smart to get New Orleans to even think about biting. Davis was getting legit NBA MVP buzz for a few months last season and will certainly not come cheap.

Davis, who began this offseason dreaming about getting LeBron to come to New Orleans, has to be growing frustrated with his situation in the Big Easy as he has watched a good chunk of the rest of the Western Conference get better this summer. As presently constructed, the Pelicans will begin the 2018-19 season in worse shape than they began last season.

Davis has already spoken about not wanting to waste the prime of his career in a losing environment as NBA Trade Rumors Anthony Davis Celtics Pelicans rumblings start up.

“When you hear that, it makes you think,” Davis said regarding a Kevin Garnett quote in which he said you “can’t get youth back” on ESPN’s The Jump in February. “I’m not going to lie. It makes you think. You wonder if you’re following in that same path. But then again, you think this year could be the year. You don’t know. You just have to take it year by year and see. See where the team is going. What direction they want to go and see where they’re headed.”

The NBA Trade Rumors Anthony Davis Celtics Pelicans will continue as long as the Celtics are still in possession of those valuable assets.

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