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Need a laugh? Here are some of the funniest Valentine’s Day fails of all time

Valentine's Day fails
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Valentine’s Day is a time of love whether you’re into it or not. There’s actually a complicated history behind the celebration, but we know it as a day of Hallmark cheer, endless appreciation and sweets on sweets. Or, you know, 24 hours of mourning your relationship status (and/or self-pampering because that’s always a stellar idea). 

There’s so much hype around the whole production that sometimes things don’t go as planned. Here are some of the funniest Valentine’s Day fails we could find. (And if you’re not in the V Day mood and need a good laugh to get through it all, this will do the trick.)

When the pizza doesn’t win the prize

Papa John’s wasn’t feeling the love, I guess.

A major flower mix-up

This woman’s loved one sent her roses, but she got a surprise when she opened the card (hint: she’s not Karen and he’s not Peter).

In a similar (and equally as hilarious) situation, ProFlowers shipped this man’s fiancée the right bouqet, but they were from her “brother.”  

When your date isn’t what you thought it would be

One British man surprised his girlfriend with tickets to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers in Ireland, the New York Post reported. What they saw instead was a bagpipe band called, “Red Hot Chilli Pipers” (you can imagine how that went).

Or, when last year’s concert tickets were for this year

I’m guessing their 2018 tickets were put to good use today. 

When only one of you thinks you got a bizarre gift 

She probably wouldn’t include this aggressive t-shirt on a list of Valentine’s Day fails. He, on the other hand…

A Valentine’s Day tattoo that’s just too much

This man just really loves Brenda, OK?

When your cookies look like…butts

These are hearts, duh.


My heart shaped cookies turned out to be more bum shaped cookies. #valentinesfail

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When a Valentine’s Day card gets weird

Well isn’t this, um, heartfelt…

Or, when you let yourself pick out a card drunk

I honestly wouldn’t mind getting this on Valentine’s Day. It’s hilarious.


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