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Nenshi launches bid for Calgary mayoralty

One more Calgarian has entered the mayoral race, Naheed Nenshi announced today he will be a contender for Calgary’s top dog this fall.

“Despite the fact that we have so many candidates, we’re missing a candidate who could really articulate the kind of change we need in the city,” said Nenshi.

He said City Council is being crippled by extreme partisanship and dysfunction, and mustn’t be constrained by the way they’ve done things in the past.

“15 people sitting around a table don’t have all the answers, but a million Calgarians sure do,” said Nenshi.

Nenshi envisions “a city that attracts the best talent from around the world, and keeps people here, through both booms and busts.”

“Citizens no longer see the relationship between the taxes they pay and the services they receive,” said Nenshi, outlining his concerns with current levels of accountability and management of tax dollars.

He highlights a new $500 million wastewater treatment plant as symbolic of the city’s mismanagement of growth.

“We wouldn’t have needed that plant so urgently if we hadn’t grown in unmitigated urban sprawl.”

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