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Netflix is reviving ‘Gilmore Girls’ with creator Amy Sherman-Palladino

Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel as Lorelei and Rory Gilmore
Warner Brothers, Getty Images

Netflix is continuing its streak of reviving franchises that actually deserve it,and this one couldn’tbe bigger news.

The streaming service is bringing back the mother-daughter dramedy “Gilmore Girls” eight years after it finished airing on The CW with four 90-minute extended episodes,according to TV Line.

Negotiations have only just begunbut the core cast — Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Emily Bishop and Scott Patterson — are all said to be on board. No word yet on whether the biggest star to come out of the series,Melissa McCarthy, will return,so here’s hoping they just haven’t gotten hold of her agent yet.

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Just as important as having the key cast members in place is that this new run of episodes will bring backcreator Amy Sherman-Palladino. We’ve all cried our bitter tears about how the seventh and final season of “Gilmore Girls” went down, which did not involve Sherman-Palladino due to a contract dispute. (She hasn’t even seen it!)

But she’s totally involved with Netflix’s revival and will get to finish the “Gilmore Girls” story the way she wanted — maybe evenfinally revealing thoselast four wordsshe always intended to finish the series?

To supplement your nostalgic rewatch, check out the cast reuniting in Austin this summer for a mega-panel retrospective. Better add a box of tissues to your pre-Gilmore shopping list — there’s bound to be an Edward Herrmann tribute.

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