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New iPhone setting could cost you extra money each month – here’s how to disable it

Apple has released its new iOS 9 operating system for its mobile phones which includes a setting that could cost people hundreds of dollars more each month if left on.

There is a setting within iOS9 called Wi-Fi assist and when it is enabled it causes your phone to use data from your 4G network when it believes the Wi-Fi has a poor signal.In iOS 9, this setting is enabled by default.It seems like a great idea, but if you’re someone who doesn’t have an unlimited data plan, you could eat up your data plan faster than you think because your phone is switching from Wi-Fi.

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If you rely on a Wi-Fi connection to avoid using up your limited data plan, then here’s how you can disable this feature and possibly save yourself a lot of money per month.

Step one: Go to “Settings”

Step two: Press “Cellular”

Step three: Scroll down to the bottom to “Wi-Fi Assist” and switch it off.

You’re done. You’ve just saved yourself from the potential danger of running your bill up hundreds of dollars.

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