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New Jersey Devils create workout to fend off winter weight

If getting fit is part of your New Year’s resolutions or you’re preparing to work off grandma’s holiday cookies, the New Jersey Devils have created a workout bound to kick your butt into gear.

The 30-minute “One Jersey Workout” is a high-intensity regimen that combines strength and cardio training. It was developed by the hockey team’s strength and conditioning coach, Joe Lorincz.He and assistant coach Jaime Rodriguez unveiled the plan inside the Devils’ new fitness room at the Prudential Center in Newark earlier this week.

“It’s designed for making people miserable,” Rodriguez said half jokingly before leading members of the media through the rigorous workout.

While testers were able to use the team’s state-of-the-art equipment, many parts of the routine can easily be adapted to fit an individual’s skill level and home gear if a trip to the gym isn’t possible.

The workout starts with an eight-minute warmup that includes walking knee hugs, hamstring stretches, lunges and skipping. It’s followed by a power circuit of box jumps and medicine ball side throws and standing slams.

The final portion is a strength circuit that incorporates four rounds of split squats, pushups, sled marches, suitcase farmers — in which you carry a kettle bell in one hand as you would a suitcase — rowing and more. Just in case that wasn’t enough for you.

The staff recommends doing the routine two to three times a week. The workout will be made available on the Devils’ website and social media.

“It’s never too late to start, and I enjoy this because it’s kind of like a warm aerobic workout, and it keeps me from getting bored,” Lorincz told Metro.

But is warm aerobics better than a warm, freshly baked holiday treat? Guess that’s up to you!

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