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‘New’ market has vendor protesting

The summer vendor stalls are slowly starting to go up around the “new” ByWard Market.

By Mother’s Day, a vibrant, thriving, outdoor market should be attracting thousands of people everyday to buy locally produced food and crafts.

On Wednesday, a new bylaw came in to effect for the market that put an emphasis on higher-quality local goods.

While the majority of standholders in the area are looking forward to the new-look-market, some of the most veteran standholders are crying foul with how the bylaw has been enforced.

Berhe Hagos, who has been selling for 13 years, said he is only allowed to sell three items, while other vendors with similar stock are selling much more.

“It has to be fair,” Hagos said. “As long as it is not fair, I am going to challenge them.”

The city’s markets manager Philip Powell said a jury of Ottawa artists judged the quality of the items for sale. “(It is) an objective independent process. It has been transparent,” he said. “There was very clear direction from city council that it was to be local handmade products.”

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