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New Patriots bring knowledge of Romo

Good news, Patriots fans.

You haven’t seen it yet, but Albert Haynesworth is a perfectionist.

Don’t believe him?

“Even ask my mom,” he said. “It doesn’t matter, I’ve had games when I was with the Titans, when I’ve had three sacks, a couple tackles for losses and things like that. She’s like, ‘Oh, how’d you play? You played great.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah … I played OK.’

“I want to be the best at what I do at all times. I never want to slack.”

You may now chuckle.

Haynesworth’s Titans days are long gone, and not even his mom expects those numbers again. But the defensive lineman does bring some experience against the Cowboys and Tony Romo.

Linebacker Andre Carter — Haynesworth’s teammate in Washington — has even more. He played five seasons in the NFC East.

“[Romo] can be very dangerous,” Carter said. “He’s so elusive. And one thing about him, especially when he throws out of the pocket, he’s just able to pinpoint, whether it’s [Jason] Witten, the tight end, Dez Bryant, or core receivers, because as you know they’re big — they’re tall.

“They’ll be able to do a few jump balls from what I’ve seen on film, and that can be very dangerous for anybody.”

Just how elusive has Romo been? Carter racked up 34 sacks during his career with the Redskins, but not a single one of those came at the expense of Romo in eight games.

Back at you

Tony Romo had high praise for both Andre Carter and Albert
Haynesworth yesterday.

“They’re both good players,” Romo said. “Andre has a great motor, he’s
always fighting and he’s going to go to the whistle. He gets off the
ball well, he’s a strong player. He can rush the quarterback good, but
yet he always gets back.

“With Albert, you know, he’s a tough matchup. He’s a good player that
you have to account for. He’s got a great history, I guess, winning
[over] the years, and he’s just a guy that we have to be ready for.”

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