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New study says smart people listen to Bob Dylan

Music chart

Software education writer Virgil Griffith has created a chart showing what music people like listening to and their SAT scores. Griffith has been working on this chart for several years and the results may surprise you – and even might make you mad.

It turns out, people with the highest SAT scores tend to like listening to Radiohead, Bob Dylan, Sufjan Stevens and the Counting Crows. On the low-end of the spectrum lands Lil Wayne, Soca, T.I. and – brace yourself – Beyonce.

So, just how did Griffith come to these conclusions? She attained a list of the SAT scores for students attending the California Institute of Technology, then checked them out on Facebook to see which musicians each person “liked.”

Head over to consequenceofsound.net to check out an extended version of the above chart, which dates back several years.

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