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New website tells shares meal bargains for kids

Having kids might provide a nice little tax deduction, but they also cost a lot to raise. Even if you’re not going to bother saving for their college education, you’ll at least have to keep them well-fed, and that costs money.

Fortunately, plenty of restaurants offer special deals on kids’ meals. Chili’s, for instance, offered a coupon last month for free kids’ meals with the purchase of an adult entree. Yesterday, we came across a site that helps thrifty parents find all the best kids’ meal deals at their local restaurants.

KidsMealDeals.com has a simple premise: Type in your ZIP code, and the site tells you if any restaurants in your area are offering special deals on kids’ meals. Using the site, we found out that Brother Jimmy’s BBQ here in New York has a deal every day where you get a free kid’s meal for every $10 you spend on the regular menu.

The site offers free mobile applications for when you don’t have time to go home and look up a deal before taking the kids to basketball, football and soccer practices. And, the site also has a Twitter feed with updates on national and local deals, so be sure and check that out if you’re sick of paying so much to keep your children fed.

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