New Year's Eve attack by ISIS supporter thwarted - Metro US

New Year’s Eve attack by ISIS supporter thwarted


A New York man has been arrested for allegedly plotting a New Year’s Eve attack on behalf of ISIS on a restaurant in Rochester, New York.
The suspect, Emanuel Lutchman, 25, was charged by investigators with attempting to “provide material support” to ISIS in an attack.
“According to the complaint, as part of Emanuel Lutchman’s attempt to provide material support to ISIL, he planned to kill innocent civilians on New Year’s Eve in the name of the terrorist organization. Thankfully, law enforcement was able to intervene and thwart Lutchman’s deadly plans,” a statement from Assistant Attorney General Carlin said.
NBCreports that there is no credible threat to New York City “or other locales throughout the tri-state area this New Year’s Eve,” and that “thousands of uniformed and undercover officers will flood the area near Times Square ahead of the ball drop to ensure the safety of the million revelers expected to attend.”
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