New York artist sees Black Lives Matter art show as continuation of marches

Miles Dixon, Metro

Local artist Carla Cubit wants to continue the work started in the streets of Ferguson, New York City and other cities across the country after the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown last year.

Cubit has a participatory art show this Saturday and Sunday at FIGMENT NYC on Governor’s Island.

“I see this as a continuation of the marches that happened last winter, I see this as another action around Black Lives Matter. This is your thoughts on Black Lives Matter — it’s a continuation of the die-ins, communicating the dialogue through art rather than protests and rallies,” Cubit told told Metro.

Cubit, 47, said the art show will allow people to express their thoughts on canvas, and she’s bringing a portable mic so people can verbalize their thoughts on police brutality and racism.

The mixed-media artist and activist also writes a blog called No Police State Girl,and recently spoke on a Black Lives Matter panel at Left Forum.

“I just hope this all continues, the Millions March, the other coalitions,” Cubit said. “Even if some people get burned out, others will pick it up.”

Cubit did a similar participatory art project on the topic of Occupy Wall Street last year, and said she likes to do shows that address political issues whenever she can find a venue.

The art show on June 6 and 7 is part of FIGMENT NYC, a free public art event on Governors Island through the end of the summer.

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