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Russell Wilson is a New York Yankee. (Photo: Getty Images)

The Giants hung tight with the defending champions long enough to make it look like they could pull off a huge upset. In the end, it was just a tease.

The Seahawks (6-3) pounded the Giants (3-6) in the second half — and fourth quarter specifically — as they sent New York to its fourth consecutive loss, 38-17.

We look at three things that went wrong as the Giants are perilously close to making the last month of the season completely meaningless for the playoff picture.

1. Beasting

The Giants simply had no answer for Marshawn Lynch, specifically in the second half. The running back known as “Beast Mode” pounded the Giants for 140 yards and four touchdowns as part of a day in which Seattle rushed for 350 yards. New York hasn’t given up that many rushing yards since 1978. Buffalo’s Terry Miller ran for over 200 yards in that game in a season in which the Giants finished 6-10. It looks like they’re headed to a similar end-of-season record in 2014.

2. Gotta have heart

The talk all week from the Giants was about effort and heart. And yet, on Sunday, it looked like only Odell Beckham Jr. — a rookie — showed much of any fight. The defense and offense both took a rain check on the second half. Even Eli Manning’s late fumble was an odd non-contact dropped ball. Now we’ll find out if the team really has any heart.

3. Broken record

It’s become like a broken record, but the Giants can’t run the ball and they can’t win if they can’t run the ball. Hopefully Rashad Jennings will be back next week, because Andre Williams — despite a nice touchdown Sunday — is not cutting it. Maybe getting Beckham involved in the running game, as they did once against Seattle, is an option.

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