Cars enter and exit the Lincoln Tunnel in New York City. Wikimedia

On the heels of President Donald Trump proposing a $54 billion increase in the nation’s defense budget, he is expected announce his “big” infrastructure spending plan as well.

Trump said during a meeting with the National Governors Association on Monday that he would talk about his infrastructure budget in his first address to Congress Tuesday night.

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“We’re going to start spending on infrastructure big,” he said. “I’m going to have a big statement tomorrow night on infrastructure. We spend $6 trillion in the Middle East, and we have potholes all over our highways and our roads.”


Trump also blasted his hometown’s tunnels.

“Our highways, our bridges, are unsafe,” he said. “Our tunnels, we have tunnels in New York where the tiles are on the ceiling, and you see many tiles missing. And I say to myself, every time I drive through, I say, 'I wonder how many people are hurt or injured when they are driving at 40, 50 mph through a tunnel and a tile falls off."

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With fear seemingly a driving factor in Trump’s young presidency, do New Yorkers really need to worry about traversing through the tunnels that lead in and out of the city?

“Not a single person has been injured by any falling tiles because no tiles are falling — they are being replaced by workers as part of an infrastructure project to repair the tunnel from Hurricane Sandy damage,” a spokeswoman from the MTA, which oversees the QMT, told the New York Post.

“That’s funny,” a Lincoln Tunnel employee said with a laugh when asked about Trump’s comments.

The Port Authority, which manages that tunnel, told NY1 that there have been no reports of falling tiles within the past year.

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