Pizza Rat, you’re so 2015.

A New York subway rat dubbed the “Roll Mole” might be in the running to dethrone the infamous Pizza Rat, which was captured on video dragging a full slice of pizza down a set of subway steps last year.

New Yorker Christian Waugh captured a rat dragging a large roll on the tracks of the 51st Street subway station on the Upper East Side on Thursday.

“I started recording his actions, but noticed that no one else on the platform was paying attention whatsoever,” Waugh told NBC 4 New York. “Most were just on their phone with no clue regarding the epic activity that was taking place.”


His friend coined the “Roll Mole” name. Only time will tell if it sticks — and unseats thePizza Rat, which has garnered more than 9.6 million views on YouTube.

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