WATCH: Wave machine malfunction at Chinese water park creates giant wave, injures dozens

Wave machine malfunction at Chinese water park

A wave machine malfunction at a Chinese waterpark created a tsunami-like wave injuring dozens of visitors who were hoping to enjoy a fun day in the pool. The terrifying incident was captured on video.

The wave pool malfunction occurred at Yulong Shuiyun Water Park, located in the northeast region of China on Sunday.

The viral video shows people enjoying themselves at the Chinese water amusement park. Instead of the wave machine creating a gentle wave to move people around in the water, it created a giant wave that caused several injuries.

According to the South China Morning Post, 44 people were injured, including some people suffering fractured ribs as a result of the wave machine malfunction. The Sout China Morning Post reports that five people are being treated at hospitals for injuries, but are in stable condition.

A park official told the Beijing Times that the wave machine malfunction was a result of “accidental breakdown in the machinery.”

The Washington Post reports the park is closed pending an investigation.

The shocking video of the wave machine malfunction was posted on social media has gone viral worldwide with hundreds of thousands of views.

Weibo screenshot chinese water park wave pool malfunction video

VIDEO: Wave machine malfunction at Chinese water park

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