Video still from the Dec. 13 incident on the Brooklyn Bridge. NYPD

Eric Linsker, the CUNY instructor arrested in December after two NYPD lieutenants were assaulted on the Brooklyn Bridge, appeared in court on Monday. His case was continued because a grand jury action has not yet been issued.


Linsker is accused of throwing a garbage can at the officers on the Brooklyn Bridge in the hours following the Millions March on Dec. 13, during which protesters marched in Manhattan to protest the deaths of Eric Garner and Michel Brown.


The 29-year-old adjunct initially escaped arrest after another protester hit one of the officers in the face. Police later found a backpack that contained two hammers, a small amount of marijuana and multiple IDs belonging to Linsker, according to the criminal complaint.


Linsker is charged with robbery, assault on a police officer, riot, resisting arrest, reckless endangerment, obstructing governmental administration and unlawful possession of marijuana. His case was continued pending a grand jury action. He is due back in court on June 22.