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'90s Fest is this Saturday in Williamsburg at 50 Kent Ave., form 1 to 10 p.m. Go tJuan Patino

If Buzzfeed has helped prove anything, it's that people will never stop loving the '90s. This weekend, Brooklyn is going all out with an entire music festival dedicated to the decade. We called up one of the performers, Lisa Loeb, to see what we can expect.

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First, what have you been up to lately?
Right now, I’m making a new kids album that will be out in the fall. My most recent “grownup” album, “No Fairytale” came out a couple years ago, which I worked on with Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory and also Tegan & Sara. I also have a [non-profit] called Camp Lisa which helps sends kids to camp. We came out with a musical in the spring here in New York City and our next big project is to take it on the road.

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Wow. And of course you have the ‘90s Fest music festival coming up.
Yes! I’m excited to see Salt N Pepa.

What can people expect from your performance?
I’ll be playing an acoustic set and all the songs I had on the radio in the ‘90s. I’m definitely going to play “Stay (I Missed You).” I always play that song. It’s the number one most requested song the set.

It was featured on “Orange Is The New Black” this season.
Yes! That was a great usage of the song. It really showed the connection different people have to it; people of all different races and ages. I see that when I’m on the road touring. For one person, the song means a lot to them because it helped them get through a breakup. Another person used to sing it in the car with their friends. A younger person used to sing it in the car with her mom. People have a lot of different associations with that song.

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What did you love about the ‘90s?
It was before we were all using cellphones, so that was good. I think hair products were just starting to come around in the ‘90s, which was exciting. I remember a photoshoot I had in the mid-‘90s where I got to use a flat-iron for the first time. It was like this huge, breakthrough moment.

What didn’t you like about the ‘90s?
Mock turtlenecks. Mustard yellow [clothes]. Those things were not great.

You were living in New York City in the ‘90s, right?
Yes. I lived in New York for a long time, mostly in the West Village and East Village, but I also lived in the Upper East Side, Upper West Side and Chelsea at different times. There was a group of us, especially in the early days, that really supported each other. We were mostly actors or musicians and we would go support each other’s shows. Ethan Hawke had a theater company and we all participated in that. Basically, we would just run around the West Village and East Village and go to different restaurants, bars and theaters.

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