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So, last Monday Jason Pierre-Paul flew from Miami to New York and met with the Giants for the first time since the Fourth of Julyfireworks accident that severely damaged his right hand.

We know that he has his right index finger amputated and there were severe burns as well. According to reports coming out of Florida after the accident, it was believed that the longest recovery time would be 6 weeks which would allow for his fractured right thumb to heal. We now know those reports were false as JPP is back in South Florida and was not on the field Sunday evening when the Giants season opened up against the Cowboys Sunday night in Texas. Giants Head Coach Tom Coughlin said last week that JPP was in good spirits, but not ready to play football, you knew you were not going to be seeing JPP attack opposing quarterbacks from the edge anytime soon.

Now come the further detailed reports that aside from the know injuries, that a portion of one of his other fingers was missing as well. There is speculation within the Giants organization that JPP might not be able to play football for the team this season. Who knows for sure when JPP will be able to strap it on again and suit up and play for the Giants. Now that we have a little more clarity, we all deal with the ramifications. You have a 26-year-old man that was due to make 14.8 million dollars this season after the Giants gave him the franchise tender.

Now, not only is this season in jeopardy, but maybe his career. JPP is in the prime of his career as has 42.5 career sacks. He was going to be the key piece to a defensive line that is devoid of any other natural pass rush talent. It is a big year for the Giants organization.


Making the playoffs was a goal placed on the shoulders of Head Coach Tom Coughlin and GM Jerry Reese during the off-season by Owner John Mara. Does this now change the mindset of the Giants owner? There is not another player on the Giants roster that can replicate the talent of Jason Pierre-Paul. So as he sits in South Florida and still recovers from a choice that not only affects his football future, but also the rest of his life. The Giants enter the 2015 season with questions up and down their roster and with a head coach with past glory but a murky future, very similar to a defensive lineman recovering in South Florida. It also runs hand-in-hand with a GM that has lived off the 2007 draft for way too long. Coughlin is a coach and lives it each and everyday of his life.

It does not appear that this rendition of the Giants is set up for success. Which is a shame, because we know you need talent in the NFL to win and that brings Reese into the conversation. They do have their franchise quarterback, Eli Manning, locked up after he just agreed to a 4-year $84 million dollar contract extension with $65 million dollars guaranteed. He is not going anywhere. Now we deal with a coach and a GM that has delivered this city Vince Lombardi trophies, but may have been seen their futures here in New York vanish when they took a look at the hand of Jason Pierre-Paul.

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