On Wednesday, MTA Arts & Design revealed photographer Portia Munson's two-part "Botanicals Below Bryant Park" installation, a beautiful new addition to Bryant Park's BDFM station.


Filling the underground space with "vibrant, blooming flowers," Munson's work is influenced by Bryant Park's own gardens and a "desire to keep the flowers blooming underground year-round."


“More than 53,000 customers pass through the station each weekday, and we strive to make their time in the subway more lively and pleasant,” said Lester Burg, Senior Manager of MTA Arts & Design. “Portia’s bright botanicals are a refreshing addition to the workday commute.”


Munson's work, which consists of illuminated panels and vinyl prints, is currently installed in the station's mezzanine near the exit at 42nd Street and Sixth Avenue.