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New Yorkers debate which subway seat is the best

New Yorkers debate which subway seat is the best

New Yorkers are up in arms about the first NYC transit debate of 2020 — which seat is the best? 

The question has been debated time after time, but Twitter users got serious about it this week. 

Twitter user, @Gplatinum_ went viral after sharing an image of one of the older subway lines, where the seats are facing all directions. The seats were label 1-5, and here’s what the internet thinks. 

New Yorkers options vary, especially based on the amount of time you need to spend on the actual subway. 

Although there were a lot of discussions around which is the best seat, one and five seemed to be the most popular choices. Seat one because it gives a lot of elbow room and it close to the doors. 

Five can give riders some more free space if four is empty. 

Three came in as third most-coveted. 

Four had supporters as well. People who opted for seat 4, said it’s nice to tuck themselves away from everyone. Some taller folks pointed out those seats are not comfortable for them. Others say that seat 4 is the least coinvent when the car is crowded. 

The MTA shared their thoughts and said choosing a favorite seat is like picking a favorite child. 

New Yorkers aren’t the only city invested in which seat is the best debate; other cities have weighed in on their own transport systems.