Man brings massive peacock on NYC subway, nobody seems concerned – Metro US

Man brings massive peacock on NYC subway, nobody seems concerned

NYC Subway Peacock

If you’re a New Yorker, pretty much nothing will surprise you, except for some reason that one raccoon on the NYC subway. Well, that sure as heck held true on the subway last week when a man brought a peacock on the train and a Tweet revealed the subway car’s general lack of care or concern.


Matthew Chayes, an employee at Newsday tweeted the above photo to show the majestic creature hanging out with commuters on an unidentified train. Shortly, the tweet went viral and the NYC subway chimed in with a tone-deaf reply of “if possible, can you please provide more details about this incident?^TCB”


Later, the tweet made it to a Reddit thread where somebody chimed in claiming to be the guy holding the peacock. He explained, “It’s the mascot of a bar I run in tribeca called Weather Up. The owner Kathryn is the blonde woman to right of me, she’s the owner of the peacock. It’s also stuffed, come to the bar for a beer.” Crushing hearts everywhere, we learn that said peacock is actually a stuffed animal.

Now we understand why nobody batted an eye. New Yorkers see plenty of strange things and a stuffed animal on a train obviously doesn’t rank. Unless, of course, we see a throwback stuffed bear or massive puppy from F.A.O Schwarz, of course, R.I.P.


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