Modern speakeasies have traded being truly secret for modern touches, and that's just fine — especially when those changes are Mexican cuisine and a live cover band playing '60s classics like "White Rabbit" and "Come Together."

If that sounds like your speed, pull up to one of the 14 seats at East Village hipster rock bar Pinks' new hidden back room, The Body Shop.“The name is a dual reference," says owner Avi Burnbaum. "The seductive elements are mostly implied in the ambience, but look around a minute and you will find more."

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Meaning if you don't findpolished chrome '58 Thunderbird hubcaps sexy, then maybe this isn't your scene. But lovers of all things automotive will find plenty to like, like smoke-breathing motorcycle pipes and a giant hot rod painting.


The Body Shop is actually Pinks' converted kitchen, but don't worry — they're still serving bar-friendly Mexican bites like the customizable T-bird Tacos ($3.50 each) to go with cocktails like the vodka lemonade slushie ($9) and the Motown (bourbon, ginger, peppercorn syrup, $10).

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