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UES ‘clown’ who allegedly threatened teen turns himself in, says it's all a 'misunderstanding'

Dressed in clown-like clothing, the male suspect made physical contact with a teen trying to exit a 6 train.

Police are seeking this man, who allegedly chased a teen with a knife in the East NYPD

A man who was accused of threatening a teenager on the subway while reportedly dressed as a clown turned himself in after NYPD released surveillance video on Thursday.

The man called the incident a "misunderstanding," ABC7 reported.

The footage shows the unidentified man going through the turnstile at the East 96th Street station on Oct. 5 “wearing multi-color clown/performance-style clothing.”

A 16-year-old boy told police that the man blocked his path as he tried to exit a northbound 6 train. The two allegedly made physical contact, and as the teen made his way to the station exit, he turned and saw the man approaching him with a knife. The victim then ran to the street while the suspect fled.


Original reports of the incident said that the suspect was wearing a clown mask.

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