Taxi cab driver to pay $25 grand in fines and compensation after refusing to pick Getty Images

Taxi driver Baqir Raza has to pay $25,000 in fines and compensation, a city administration judge ruled last week, after he refused to pick up a black mother and her two daughters outside Macy’s in Midtown but let two white passengers into his cab.

Raza told Cynthia Jordan,57, that he was off-duty and locked the doors to his cab, DNAinfo New York reports , but after driving about 25 feet he picked up two white female passengers.

Jordan filed a complaint with the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) and the Human Rights Commission and Raza paid a $200 fine to the TLC in November 2013 after pleading guilty to refusing to pick up Jordan and her daughters.

The cabbie now must pay a $15,000 civil fine and $10,000 in compensation, Judge Raymond Kramer ruled. The commission still needs to approve this penalty recommendation.


“I’m happy for the judgment,” Jordan told DNAinfo New York. “Hopefully, someone will hear about this, and it will affect the way taxi drivers pick up fares in New York.”

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