Opportunities to get into the “Gilmore Girls” spirit ahead of the Netflix revival in November just keep on coming.


Here’s the latest: On Monday, Ample Hills Creamery announced a contest to both name and create a special “Gilmore Girls” flavor, so don your chef hat a la Sookie and tap into your flair for language a la Rory and Lorelai. “If you’re out on the road, feeling lonely and want something cold, all you have to do is name this scoop...” begins theInstagram post.


It's no Taylor's Old Fashioned Soda Shoppe, but right now, the beloved Brooklyn ice cream parlor is the next best thing.


If you’re out on the road, feeling lonely and want something cold, all you have to do is name this scoop, and you'll win this in one fell swoop...It’s time to summon The Town Troubadour and call Michel to make a reservation at The Dragonfly: The #GilmoreGirls are returning this Thanksgiving, and we are making a flavor to celebrate. Whether you are Team Jess or Team Dean, we are calling on you to create and name a flavor worthy of this Stars Hollow reunion. Put on your Sookie chef hat, fill up at Luke's Diner, stop by Doose’s Market, and tap into your inner Paris Geller to fire up that competitive spirit to produce pop culture references so rapid-fire it would make Lauren Graham blush. Comment below with your suggested names and flavor combinations. The winner gets a free pint, a cup of coffee, and an invitation to Friday night dinner. Contest ends 10/31.


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Through Oct. 31, you can submit the name and flavor via comment on their Instagram postfor a chance to win a free pint of ice cream, a cup of coffee and an “invite to Friday night dinner.” Sadly, that last part is just a joke.Earlier this month we saw Luke’s Diner takeovers all over the nation; why not a bespoke Friday night dinner at some artisanal Brooklyn eatery? Give the people what they want.

This isn't the first time Ample Hills has sold creative and exclusive flavors. Past limited edition scoops include Hillary and Trump-themed flavors “Madam President” and “Make America Orange Again,” and a Mr. Fox’s Scrumdiddlyumptious Crunchy Cider Caramel Cream to commemorate Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday.

Trivia question: What is Lorelai and Rory's favorite ice cream flavor? Winner receives 25 percent off at Mrs. Kim's Antique Shop. JK.