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Who is Sloth girl on The Bachelor? 3 things to know about Alex Dillon

Sloth girl in The Bachelor

Her name is Alex Dillon, but today she is Sloth girl. The Internet exploded on Monday night with sloth puns galore. We wouldn’t do that to you, slow please forgive us. (Sorry.) For those who don’t watch The Bachelor, it is a dating and relationship television series about finding love by the contestants until the season’s main man chooses which girl he is going to marry. Colton Underwood returns this season after missing out on The Bachelorette Becca Kufrin, and this time it’s all about him. The series premiered on Jan. 7 with contestant Alex Dillon emerging from a limo in a full body Sloth costume. Curious? We sure are. Here are three things you need to know about Sloth girl on the Bachelor.

Who is Sloth Girl on The Bachelor?

Alex Dillon was born on Cape Cod, but before she made her grand entrance on the Bachelor, she lived in the city of Boston. When she’s not searching for love, she’s an account manager for the Boston IT company, Collabera Inc. She went to University of Massachusetts-Amherst for a business degree, focusing in Hospitality and Tourism. She has no majors or minors in Costume Design or Sloth Management, though. How disappointing.

Who is Sloth Girl on the Bachelor Alex Dillon

Her Dreams Met an Early End

Sadly, the former NFL player ended Dillon’s dreams of finding love early when she did not receive a rose in the series premiere. He sent five others home as well, leaving the rest of the contestants to battle it out for his love. Although it was tough to leave in the first round, Dillon is showing the world a brave face. She posted a photo on Instagram with a caption that thanked Underwood for his time and patience, and stated how the experience was amazing. We admire her grace in the face of rejection. 

Single and Ready to Mingle

But, hope is not lost for Dillon! She also stated in her Instagram post that she is still single and searching. “I’m not sure if this is a surprise to anyone but for the record I’m still single,” she writes. Dillon amassed a large number of followers seemingly overnight, and many suitors are already lining up in her comments asking for her hand. We don’t think she’ll have any issues finding the love of her life. After all, she is Sloth girl on The Bachelor, and that will leave a lasting impression.