Residents at an Upper West Side co-opresistant to President Donald Trump's politics decided to openly protest this holiday weekend.

Windows of 415 Central Park West were adorned with handmade anti-Trump signs — which spelled out the words “RESIST” and "JUSTICE NOW," NY1 reported.

But those signs were reportedly against co-op rules — which ban the display of advertising — and residents were warned to take them down,according to the New York Post.

The warning had nothing to do with politics,board President Gloria Baker said. “It’s a house rule. Notices are a reminder of just what the house rules are.”


Residents who participated in placing the signs in the 17-story building that looks onto the street and park said they wouldn't challenge the house rule.

“They are a sign of resistance about the injustices being done and [that] will be done by the Trump administration,” Linda Goldenberg, 75, who participated in the display, told the Post.

ButSandy Roche, 83, who also had a sign in her window and had attended ananti-Trump rally, according to the Post, said thatshe understood the board's request.

“They reminded us the signs are against condo rules. It’s a perfectly legitimate rule to have,” she said. “They don’t want advertising in their windows.”

This isn't the first time thatresidential political signs have made the news in New York City, but typically they've been for Trump supporters. In one high-profile incident in August, vandals allegedly burned a Staten Island man'sgiant "T" tribute to Trump on his lawn. The man later replaced it with a bigger version.

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