New York Police take security measurements

A first attempt by cops to calm down the public and try to regain public trust came in a tweet by community affairs boss Chief Joanne Jaffe:

Instead of calming the public, the message was retweeted 661 times opening a tweet battle:

Jaffe’s next try, on Dec. 7th: ‪

Neither received many positive reactions like ffpattyo’s (@ffpattyo) response:

Besides very few compassionate voices in the public, the average thoughts about those tweets were negative and followed by sarcastic or ironic answers like:

But maybe those reactions are reasonable.

The NYPD press office tweeted:

When the press office tweeted about a cop who helped a woman pay the towing fee on her car, the response was tepid:

Nothing seems to be helping the NYPD in their war against twitter:

Not everyone has lost faith in the NYPD:

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