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The “Golden Girls” cafe of our wildest cheesecake-fueled fantasies is here.

Rue La Rue Café quietly opened over the weekend at 4394 Broadway at 189th Street in Washington Heights. If you’ve always loved the Girls’ aesthetic, this place is for you with country kitchen chairs, seashell-shaped sconces for that perfect tacky Florida touch, a replica of their green- and pink-tiled bathroom (again, ah, Florida) and tons of memorabilia.

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These items came from one of the Girls herself: Rue McClanahan, the late actress who played Blanche, was good friends with cafe owner Michael LaRue, and he’s honored her memory by creating a photo timeline of her. Other memorabilia in the shop will include McClanahan’s Emmy Award and costumes.


Because cheesecake was the Girls’ favorite dessert, the menu has not one but four kinds from neighboring Choc NYC pastry shop alongside other baked goods, as well as a menu of savory items. But we’re all here to drink coffee, eat cake and bitch about how expensive the rent is and how much our knees hurt, right?

LaRue tells Gothamist that for now, the cafe is only open Tuesday-Sunday from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., though he expects to start serving dinner soon.

Take a look inside:

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