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New York’s ‘red flag’ gun-control law goes into effect this weekend

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Beginning Saturday, “red flag” legislation signed by Gov. Cuomo in February takes effect, tightening gun-control policy statewide with the courts’ ability to confiscate firearms from persons deemed an extreme risk to themselves or the public. New York is the 17th state to have such regulation.

Under the new law, police officers, family members, district attorneys and school officials can request confiscation of firearms if they feel a person is a threat to themselves or others. 

An Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO) prohibits high-risk people from owning and purchasing firearms, and compels them to surrender any firearms in their possession.  

A petitioner will need to file a request in Supreme Court, and a judge will determine whether or not to grant a temporary ERPO on the same day, according to NBC — allowing for immediate seizure of any firearms.

From there, an individual will receive a hearing date from a judge to determine if a final ERPO will be filed. 

This bill aims to prevent gun violence. According to Gunviolenceachieve.com, there have been 265 mass shootings this year alone.

USA Today reported that at least three mass shooting plots in three states were foiled last week. 

In New Jersey this week, a man was arrested for possessing over 20 firearms, drugs, and ammunition. On Aug. 19, NYPD shared on social media that they had arrested three individuals who were in procession of 18 assault rifles, 12 handguns, two shotguns, one rifle and one imitation.

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