You probably know IKEA because half of your apartment is furnished in BILLY bookcases and ORGEL lamps.

But do you know its restaurant? The self-serve cafeteria style, which keeps the prices low, adds to the festive assemble-it-yourself feel of the place.

Swedish Meatballs are a no-brainer, so I get 10 ($4.99) with mashed potatoes and ligonberry sauce. The juicy meatballs and light, airy mashed potatoes with creamy gravy and cranberry-like sauce make the dish feel like Swedish Thanksgiving!

The Stuffed Salmon has run out (already?), so Chicken with Vegetable Pasta ($6.99) it is. The grilled chicken breast is big. Too bad it’s overcooked and accompanied by a strange tangy sauce. The overcooked pasta is rescued by fresh spring vegetables and a bright, herbaceous sauce.


To round out the meal, a slice of Almond Cake ($1.49), please. The moist cake is surprisingly light.

You certainly get your money’s worth. And no assembly required.

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