The scam claims there is a shipping issue with an Amazon order.


Another Amazon-related scam is targeting holiday shoppers this season.


Fraudsters are using email to extract personal information from customers of the online retailer, according to reports.


The email states that a recent order cannot to be shipped due to a processing issue, according to Fox News Insider. This issue can only be resolved when customersconfirm certain information; they cannot access their account or place orders until they do so.


Customers are then told to click on a link, which leads to a web page to confirm their name, address and credit card information. Though the page looks like it belongs to Amazon, it’s not for the retailer. After clicking save and continue, the actual does come up, according to Fox News.


The email subject line will typically say "Your order cannot be shipped."


Local 10 News advises that customers only trust emails that are from an internet provider with Also, make sure the email link displays "https" and not just "http," and never access a page from an external email link. It’s best to visit to confirm whether there are issues with an order or your account.