"The Daily Show" reimagines Trump as The Joker

Screenshot/Comedy Central

Trump has been compared to plenty of evil characters — both real and fictional. One theme that has popped up is Batman villains — from Mark Hamill reading Trump Tweets using The Joker voice to the internet bashing the president for quoting Batman’s Bane in his inauguration speech.

“The Daily Show” beautifully blended these two viral comparisons while dissecting Trump's interview with ABC News anchor David Muir.

“Daily Show” host Trevor Noah had plenty of material for humorous and at times stunned reactions to Trump’s answers. But at about 7 minutes into the below clip he finds one comment so dark that he has to replay it.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
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“David, David...I mean I know you’re a sophisticated guy. The world is a mess, The world is as angry as it gets. What you think this is going to cause a little more anger? The world is an angry place,” Trump tells Muir.

“Jesus dude if he is going to talk like that I feel like he needs another style of makeup,” Noah says before superimposing Joker makeup on Trump’s face and playing the clip again.

Noah adds that his Joker portrayal is better than Jared Leto’s in “Suicide Squad.” It’s not clear whether he believes it beats Heath Ledger’s Oscar-winning performance of the same character.

This week’s villain comparisons don’t stop with Batman. Jimmy Kimmel compared Trump to a “super villain” from the Justice League — matching his dialogue from the interview up with the cartoon.

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