Boston Police Commissioner William Evans and NYPD boss Bill Bratton both got Uber BPD and Reuters

Boston’s top cop has suspended Officer Michael Doherty without pay after he was indicted in a racially-tinged assault on an Uber driver.

Police Commissioner William Evans ordered the action after the charges against the 40-year-old were revealed Thursday.

"These allegations are very troubling and certainly don't reflect the attitudes of the of the hard working, compassionate men and women of the Boston Police Department,” Evans said in a statement.

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“This should send a strong message that this type of behavior will not be tolerated or ignored. I hold my officers to the highest of standards, and will take swift serious action if any should choose to conduct themselves inappropriately.”

The Boston Uber indictment comes just days after New York City Det. Patrick Cherry, assigned to the FBI Joint Terror Take Force, was put on modified duty for a racist tirade on an immigrant driver.

The Road Rage was caught on video and went viral on YouTube. NYPD boss Bill Bratton, a former Boston P.D. commissioner, apologized to the public and stripped Cherry of his gun and badge.

Doherty had been on Administrative leave since his arrest after the Jan. 4 incident.

The indictment charges him with assault and battery for purpose of intimidation, violation of constitutional rights, assault and battery (2 counts) and using a motor vehicle without authority. he is expected to appear in suffolk superior court at a date to be determined.

The alleged attack occurred in South Boston at East 1st St. and Farragut Road. when Doherty is said to have accused the driver of taking him to the wrong destination.

He used a racial slur that ticked off the driver and the two started verbally jousting.

Then it turned physical, with Doherty allegedly hitting the man with his fists.

"Racially-motivated violence by anyone, sworn or civilian, will be investigated and prosecuted," Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel FConley said. "There's no place in law enforcement for the behavior alleged in these indictments."

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