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A rainbow over One World Trade comforts nation as we remember 9/11

Twitter/Ben Sturner

Rainbows everywhere.

Social media has been abuzz since Thursday morning when New Yorkers started snapping photos of a rainbow shooting across Manhattan.

Many saw it as originating around the One World Trade and, understandably, connected it to Friday’s commemoration of the Sept. 11, 2001 Muslim terror attacks that scarred this city’s heart forever.

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Some of the best shots came from Twitter user Ben Sturner.

The CEO of Leverage Agency told NBC 4 he shot the pics from his Long Island City, Queens apartment.

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“I see this rainbow, and it’s coming from the World Trade Center and it’s the most gorgeous rainbow I’ve ever seen,” he said. “I took out my phone and started snapping photos.”

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His photos — and many others — flooded social media and helped to bring some comfort to those still mourning the thousands who died that horrid day.

“I’m on the bus and nearly cried when I saw this. Full body goosebumps,” one person said on social media.

“This picture of hope and renewal that I feel coursing through me and out my fingertips,” another New Yorker said.

“Thank you.”

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