karen blackett, david karp, barack obama, mike parker, mahatma gandhi Credit: Mia Korab, Metro World News

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If you think you have a full day, check out this interesting infographic created by Metro World News that shows the daily rituals of top VIPs and CEOs now and from the past.

Karen Blackett

CEO of MediaCom UK
The chief executive of Britain’s largest media-buying company spends a large amount of her time on e-mails, claiming she receives about 500 every day.

5:00am: Wakes up
5:00-6:30am: Exercises
6:30-8:00am: Spends time with her son Isaac while checking emails until leaving for work
6:30pm: Arrives at home to spend time with her son.
7:30pm: Sends her son to bed
8:00-11:30pm: Works
11:30pm:Goes to bed


David Karp

Founder and CEO of Tumblr

The whizzkid behind the popular microblogging site never checks work emails before he arrives to work in the mornings.

10:00am: Arrives at work.
11:00am: Launches new features on Tumblr every day.
1:00pm: Goes out for lunch with colleagues.
3:00pm: Needs a "pick me up", so goes out for tea or a snack.
9:00pm: Goes out to dinner with "anyone left in the office."
Midnight: Goes to bed.

President Barack Obama

President of the United States

The President is a fitness fanatic, exercising six days a week while alternating cardio and weight-training. But when dining, he does enjoy a dirty martini.

7:00am: Wakes up
7:00-7:45am: Exercises.
8:30am: Starts his working day in the Oval Office.
6:30-8:30pm: Eats and spends time with his family.
8:30-11:30pm: Works.
11:30-12:30am: Reads to relax.
12:30am: Goes to bed.

Mike Parker

President and CEO at Nike

The head of the sports brand giant claims to get 150 emails a day, and only sends out 20.

5:00am: Wakes up.
5:00-7:00am: Exercises8:00amGets to work.
10:11am: Morning check-in meeting.
12:15: Reviewing shoe fabrics.
2:05pm: Research lab
7:00-11:30pm: Leaves work and runs errands on the way home.
8:00pm: Eats dinner with his family, then relaxes by walking the dogs, watching TV.
11:00pm: Goes to bed.

Mahatma Gandhi

Father of the Indian nation

4:00am: Woke up.
4:20am: Started morning work or prayers.
7:00-8:30am: Ate breakfast, followed by a long walk, then helping out with domestic chores. Met with visitors, followed by writing or reading.
9:30am: Bathed and shaved.
11:00am: Lunch
1:00pm: Worked on correspondence and met with visitors.
4:30pm: Worked on yarn spinning.
5:00pm: Ate dinner, followed by prayers, then a walk.
9:00pm: Went to bed.

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