The UK's popular Skinny Prosecco has landed stateside, with Boston its first stop.
Amanda Thomson's Skinny Prosecco is a cult favorite in the UK, and the vegan and low-sugar sparkler has landed stateside, with Boston its first stop. (Provided)

Summer in New England is unofficially upon us, and if that’s not enough of a reason to break out some bubbly, here’s another one: A beach-body-friendly prosecco that’s all the rage in the U.K. has come stateside, and Boston is the first — and only — U.S. market able to pop its cork.

With just 7 grams of sugar per liter and .94 grams of carbs per 5-ounce glass, Skinny Prosecco — which is also 100 percent vegan — has reached cult-level status in its native Britain since launching in 2015. Now Thomson & Scott, the company behind it, has set its sights on America.

“I’ve always believed that your country was the most exciting of opportunities for me, but I’m not silly — I knew that if I could make it in London, I could create the perfect springboard,” founder Amanda Thomson told Metro last week.

She opted for Boston to kick off the U.S. launch because its residents are “wonderfully educated, and there’s a lot of interest in what you consume. It’s a hugely exciting opportunity for us.”


A lifetime of being mindful of what she consumed, thanks to her no-sugar childhood, is what made Thomson leave the world of journalism to pursue her dream of working with champagne.

“I fell in love with the romance of champagne, it always put me in the perfect mood,” she said, but as she learned more about the industry, she realized that “ultimately winemakers can add, and sometimes have to add, a number of things” to their products.

“In my DNA was this recognition that sugar was not something that should’ve seeped its way into every food stuff, every medicine, every wine,” Thomson said. “I wanted to create a brand that really focused on transparency in labels.”

She moved her family to France after finding a teacher to study under and spent a “good year” building the Skinny concept, tasting wines, visiting vineyards and learning all she could while building her “tribe of believers” through social media — which is continuing with the brand’s launch in Boston.

“We’ve had people share images on Instagram from Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard, so we’re dotted all around, but judging by the orders, it won’t take us long to be everywhere,” Thomson said.

Skinny Prosecco is currently available at Sonsie in Back Bay, retailers across the state and will soon be found in hotels and bars across Boston.

Thomson is locking down Skinny Prosecco’s next U.S. move, with New York, California and Miami on the radar.

Since sparkling wine is no longer relegated to just celebrations and has become a popular mixer, we got Thomson to share her favorite cocktail to make with Skinny Prosecco.

“Chuck your favorite fruits in a blender, make it like a puree, swirl it on a glass and chuck the Skinny Prosecco in and put your favorite fruit on the side,” she said. “It’s the quickest cocktail in the world — and there’s no added sugar.”

Sounds like the perfect drink to wash down your favorite New England treat to us. 

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