Renderings of the Boston Marathon Bombing Memorial
A look at the renderings of the Boston Marathon Bombing Memorial. Photo: Facebook

The City of Boston has unveiled renderings of sculptures they plan to resurrect in honor of the Boston Marathon Bombings and its victims. The two sculptures are scheduled to be resurrected by 2020.

Sculptor Pablo Eduardo has been commissioned by the city to create the memorials that will be placed on Boylston Street at the site where the two bombs went off.

The renderings reveal Eduardo’s plans so far; four pillars constructed of both bronze and glass with three pieces of granite that twist together in memory of Lingzi Lu, Martin Richard and Krystle Campbell. All three died with more than 300 attendees at the Boston Marathon injured.

"That's to symbolize that the memory of these people will also forever be linked to each other," Eduardo shared of his creation.


Eduardo has been working closely with the families of the victims who feel the memorials set to commemorate those they have lost is a great idea while others  feel it would be a sad reminder of the April 15th bombings.

"They specifically asked if we can work out a design that doesn't give you something good or something bad didn't happen here but, something drastic happened here and you can decide for yourself what it is you want to take away from it," said Eduardo.

Chip Daley, who was present at the bombings in 2013, approves of the memorial.

"It definitely was a really traumatic experience for the city, but I think by putting up a memorial it really shows how we've come back stronger," said Daley.

Boston resident Robert Shick feels differently.

"I'm not sure about that. I think a lot of the people that were really here kind of want to forget about it," said Shick. "They'll never forget the incident, but to walk by and to make it a tourist attraction like it was something special, it was horrific, it was terrible."

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